SPC Tech to Train Indian Prisoners in Cartridge Remanufacturing

India’s Save Print Cost Technologies (SPC Tech) disclosed it has established a new career opportunity for Tihar jail inmates. SPC will provide professional trainers to teach prisoners how to remanufacture copier and printer cartridges for the Indian market.

Tihar Jail—also called Tihar Prisons and Tihar Ashram—is the largest complex of prisons in South Asia with a the total population of around 12,000 convicts at any given time. To encourage these prisoners to develop occupational skills and to resolve psychological problems that might interfere with their re-integration into Society, SPC Tech will provide skilled trainers who will work with affirmative action group (AAG) staff members to train and educate interested inmates to remanufacture copier and printer cartridges.   With more than a decade-long experience in working with inmates at several Tihar jail initiatives, AAG staff members will be able to communicate and train the interested inmates more effectively. The whole production will be sold to various government departments and private customers through existing and upcoming avenues.

SPC Tech claimed they expect these inmates can further advance their careers by obtaining employment with any of the booming cartridge remanufacturing companies across India. These new skills can lead to an honest, productive, and normal life that will support their families and gain respect in Society.

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