INAE Seized Counterfeit Toner in Maputo

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INAE seizes counterfeit products in Maputo warehouses

The National Inspection of Economic Activities raided several warehouses in central Maputo, searching for counterfeit products, reported
Three hundred boxes of counterfeit toner, along with counterfeit appliances, clothing, detergent, ornaments, batteries and motor oil were seized.
INAE national director of operations Aly Mussá (pictured) said the inspection was the result of a complaint and explained how the warehouse owners operated.
“Toner is imported, but when it comes into the warehouse, the HP brand stamping process and ink filling occurs, because there is the powder used to fill the cartridges,” he said.
“The process of packaging in sachets and boxes also takes place here, and only then is the product put on the market.”

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