Konica Minolta’s MarketPlace 2.0

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Konica Minolta redesigned the MarketPlace application with many different and new features to revolutionize the way users all around the world complete work.

Konica Minolta’s MarketPlace 2.0

Konica Minolta’s transformed MarketPlace application will enhance the way users use printers, reported Enxmag.com.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc and Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH unveiled the new version of their application offering apps and licenses for users worldwide.

Formerly known as the bizhub MarketPlace, the redesigned MarketPlace app provides leading-edge applications, customization tools, and centralized device management features.

The app allows users to increase the power of their Konica Minolta MFPs through a variety of features including cloud, scan, productivity, information, and security apps.  The web-based Design Tool allows for the customization of MFP User Interfaces to promote corporate branding with different colors, logos and backgrounds to choose from.

MarketPlace has a new layout and interface, offering features like consolidated navigation, support for single stream billowing and simplified account creation.

Konica Minolta USA vice president Manuel Couceiro said MarketPlace was a “but a significant evolution of this key platform, including a more modern, streamlined look-and-feel, a simplified user experience, and advanced features” and complied with Konica Minoltas “future-ready goals” and “unified direction” of the company.

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