India Adds Taxes to Toners from China Malaysia and Taiwan rtmworld

India Adds Taxes to Toners from China Malaysia and Taiwan

India Adds Taxes to Toners from China Malaysia and Taiwan

India Adds Taxes to Toners from China Malaysia and Taiwan rtmworldThe Indian government will place additional duties on toners imported from China, Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan.

According to the Gazette of India, as of August 10, 2020, duties will be added to “black toner in powder form” for a provisional period of 6 months. The gazette stipulates that despite being listed in US dollars, the duty will be payable in Indian rupees.

The government stated in its announcement it has, “provisionally concluded that-

  1. there is a substantial increase in imports of subject goods from the subject countries (China, Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan) in absolute terms as well as in relation to its production and consumption in India, during the Period of Investigation as compared to the previous year;
  2. the product under consideration has been exported to India from the subject countries below the normal value;
  3. the domestic industry has suffered material injury;
  4. material injury has been caused by the dumped imports of subject goods from the subject countries.”

To avoid any cunning manoeuvers where toners are shipped via a different country, the Indian government includes the country of origin as well as any other go-between country. Similarly, any toner imported into India from any other country in the world (eg Japan, Europe or the USA) that is shipped through China, Malaysia or Chinese Taiwan will also be subject to the duty.

Toners originating from Malaysia, or passing through Malaysia, are subject to a tax of US$1686 per metric tonne. Toners exported from mainland China will attract a duty of US$834. Tapei will be hit the least with only US$196 additional tax to be charged.

India Adds Taxes to Toners from China Malaysia and Taiwan rtmworld

A complaint filed in February by domestic toner manufacturers Pure Toners and Developers, and Indian Toners and Developers, the Indian government’s Commerce Ministry requested its investigation arm, the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) to examine whether toner imports are being dumped into India at low prices.

Following the investigation, the DGTR recommended an anti-dumping duty be placed on powdered, black toner used in printers and photocopiers from China, Malaysia and Chinese Taiwan to guard domestic manufacturers from the cheap imports. The 25-page report is publicly available. “The authority recommends imposition of a provisional anti-dumping duty equal to the lesser of the margin of dumping and the margin of injury, so as to remove the injury to the domestic industry,” the DGTR stated in an official statement.

The aftermarket industry has reacted to the news saying the tax is unfair and will see thousands of small refilling and remanufacturing businesses close because they cannot compete with the new-build compatible cartridges coming into the Indian market. The new-build compatible are not subject to the import taxes.

The imposition of anti-dumping duty is permissible by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to ensuring fair trading practices and creating a level-playing field between domestic producers and foreign producers and exporters.



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