Industry Leaders Debate Over Canon “Dongle Gear” Issue at RemaxWorld Summit

The crowd was the largest seen and the presentations were cutting edge. But what caught everyone’s attention was the unplanned debate over the long running issue that has crippled the printing consumables Aftermarket Industry for 3 years.

The 158 registered speakers and delegates continue to discuss the matters raised at the 10th annual RemaxWorld Summit held in Zhuhai, China on October 12, 2016.

Fifteen industry experts from the USA, Russia, Romania, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands and China shared insights on new products, new technologies, legal issues & market trends.

Dr Richard Yu (pictured right), founding CEO of Suzhou GoldenGreen (SGT)—which recently went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange— has developed a solution where used drums can be recoated allowing them to be reused in refurbished cartridges. Yu claimed it’s the best non-infringing solution to what is known as the Canon “dongle gear” lawsuits. SGT is the second largest OPC drum manufacturer in the world, behind Canon. Scores of companies have been sued by Canon over the last 3 years for infringing its patent during the cartridge remanufacturing process. Yu says SGT’s recoating of used drums is permissible repair, and Canon has not argued with him.

Another Summit presenter, US Patent attorney Merritt Blakeslee (pictured left), jumped to his feet and said Canon was wrong. He argued replacing worn out drums is permissible repair. Blakeslee said, in his opinion, and the opinion of others that know best, Canon’s patent that blocks the permissible repair of the OPC drum in the cartridge should be overturned.

In turn, delegates took the “open microphone session” to share their concerns over doing battle with Canon.

The Summit theme, on China’s dominance in the US$80 billion global imaging industry, had Mito’s CEO Mary Ouyang and Cartridge World’s Steve Weedon updating the audience on the significant strides China is taking. OuYang reviewed the development history of printing consumables industry in Zhuhai. Weedon from Cartridge World explained the important role of China in global market. Blakeslee shared his legal expertise about GEOs in the USA and how foreign companies engaged in printing consumables can enter that market. Graham Galliford analysed China’s Global Dominance in the development of Toner, and Mr. Ding Li from Apex talked about the Chip technology development.

Tricia Judge from I-ITC offered advice as to how to win against legal challenges. Aldo de Smedt from GFK shared the successful market strategies in 2016. Thilo Lutzeler, the CEO of Drivve reminded the audience that mobile printing is an innovative technology that has combined two kinds of technologies: mobility and printing.

David Gibbons, Director of RT Media, commented, “The Summit is always very successful—and this year is no exception.”

RT Media plans to run Summits in Africa and the Americas as well as China in 2017.

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