Cartridge World Exec Sees Promising Future in Malaysia

In an interview with Malaysian media firm Star Publications, Rod Young, Executive Chairman and Global Chief Executive with Cartridge World, saw a promising future for the retail ink and toner refill business. Young believes there is a strong demand worldwide and there will be increasing growth in the retail industry as people learn more about the retail business. Additionally, he thinks that the biggest brands in the world are built through retail businesses and branded retail networks can attract even more volume.

In Malaysia, 80% of the market uses OEM cartridges and the market share of Cartridge World is just a small part of one percent. However, Mr. Young still believes that the company will have a promising future. Since 2006, Cartridge World has opened 8 stores in this region. The company plans to open another 15 stores at the end of 2013 and 32 stores in the next 3 to 4 years; these will be mainly located in the Klang Valley. He added that Cartridge World now has 25% of the refill stores market and will still be able to achieve five times growth. The company hopes to have 2,500 stores by 2018.

Mr. Young said, “We gained a modest growth in the early years in Malaysia by setting up the business, updating the technology, sourcing the products and serving the market. The current business model is working. Cartridge World has helped companies save between 30% and 40% of their printing costs by an informed choice of printers and cartridges. We have developed new chipping technology and remanufactured the cartridges as well.”

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