Fuji Xerox Releases the Fastest Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

Fuji Xerox released DocuWide C842, the world’s fastest, wide-format, color inkjet printer. This new offering targets the large format, color print market by printing A0 size (1189 x 841 mm) sheets at 7 pages per minute and thereby delivers increased productivity.

Fuji Xerox has adopted high-definition, four-color (CMYK) print heads for the new unit. Moreover, the DocuWide C842 uses technology that sprays ink miniaturized to 1.4 picoliter microdrops to reproduce a high gradation of color and half-tone outputs as well as high-resolution fine lines in drawings.

The DocuWide C842 can print on various sizes and types of paper. Since the printer can hold two or four rolls, it allows users to set both two-inch and three-inch core sizes or feed both regular and coated papers, thus improving the efficiency and convenience of the installation. In addition, security functions such as, encryption and overwriting of accumulated data, have been incorporated in the device to prevent unauthorized retrieval or copying of data recorded on the hard disk.

Calls for speed have been increasing in the construction and civil engineering industries and at construction sites. These applications are facing demands to raise speed and efficiency in printing complex engineering and electrical drawings. These drawings are often revised, along with an increase in the size of data required for color reproduction.

Facility operations at public offices that utilize geographic information systems (GIS) are also being challenged to boost efficiency in sharing and using maps and drawings. When using GIS to manage urban design maps and facility layout drawings, high productivity and a quality printing environment is essential to output line drawings in higher resolution and with greater accuracy.

To enhance operational efficiency in copying, scanning and printing, DocuWide C842 can be upgraded by linking with Fuji Xerox’s wide-format color scanners such as, DocuScan C1500 and DocuWide 6055.

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