Remanufacturer Adds Iconic Brand

Remanufacturer Adds Iconic Brand

Jet Tec has introduced a new range of products to the market including a range of Kodak photo papers.

According Jet Tec, the new range will be available in various sizes and specialist media products like magnetic photo paper. 2016 has been “a productive year” for Jet Tec, an inkjet and toner cartridges remanufacturer having brought more than 50 new products to the market.

Jet Tec is pleased to be making the iconic Kodak brand photo paper an important part of its updated catalogue.

Becky Capes, Business Development Manager for Jet Tec, stated: “We are thrilled to be expanding our product range by introducing a range of Kodak photo paper, to compliment the Jet Tec range of ink cartridges.”


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