Dinglong Forecasts Profit for Fiscal Year 2021

Dinglong Forecasts Profit for Fiscal Year 2021

Dinglong Forecasts Profit for Fiscal Year 2021

Dinglong Forecasts Profit for Fiscal Year 2021For fiscal year 2021 ending December 31, 2021, Dinglong predicts that net profit attributable to parent company will be RMB208.44 million to 238.16 million (US$ 32.81 million to 37.49 million), while that of last fiscal year turned out to be a loss of RMB159.82 million(US$25.16 million).

Net profit after deduction of non-recurring gains and losses will be RMB190.43 million to 220.16 million (US$29.97 million to 34.65 million). Last fiscal year, the number was -273.21 million (US$ -43.00 million).

Dinglong revealed that such improvements are mainly driven by good performances seen from the pan-semiconductor materials business and the printing consumables business.

Operating income of the printing consumables increased significantly too compared to last year, however, due to competition, overall gross profit is slightly less than that of the last year. Operating income and profit of printer chips increased year-on-year, and operating income of remanufactured ink cartridges increased slightly year-on-year. Toner cartridge sales reached a record high, however, overall profit was slightly down compared to last year.

During the reporting period, the company’s exchange losses and equity incentive expenses had an impact on the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company.

Dinglong also predicted that non-recurring gains and losses for fiscal year 2021, mainly government subsidies, would be RMB 18 million(RMB 2.83 million).



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