Cartridge World Offers Free Printing Service for Families

Cartridge World Offers Free Printing Service for Families

Cartridge World Offers Free Printing Service for Families

Cartridge World Offers Free Printing Service for FamiliesSchool students, job seekers and those experiencing tough times are being offered a brand new free printing service for those who do not have access to a suitable home printer.

The initiative is called Community Print and it has already been launched in the UK and will be also launched soon in France as well.

Gavin Askew Cartridge World Offers Free Printing Service for FamiliesIt is the idea of Gavin Askew (pictured) who is the General Manager of Cartridge World UK. Askew noted his wife, who is a teacher, was printing out a large number of worksheets—not for her own use but for some of the children in her class because the family does not have access to a printer.

Askew realised that providing a much-needed service, and in some cases, a lifeline would increase the value of the Cartridge World brand.

The customer simply submits their documents for printing via an online form. The nearest Cartridge World store prints out the documents and posts them back to the individual.

“We are not offering a document checking service and we are limiting this service to school worksheets, CVs for those seeking work and other documents at our discretion,” Askew told RT Media.

“We feel this is a great opportunity to engage with potential future customers, introduce them to Cartridge World and have them share our story with others via social media about how we provide a needed service.”

Askew has shared the project details with the Cartridge World store owners across the UK. He is encouraging them to use social media to get the word out in their local regions. Askew has also put the details on the corporate Cartridge World Facebook page in the UK. He has also set up a community page on Facebook.

“Our customers sometimes find themselves without the ability to print due to a machine fault,” Askew added. “Many people cannot just pop out and buy a new printer, so this service acts as an extension to the already excellent service we provide for those in need.”

Askew told RT Media that the impact of the pandemic has devastated people’s lives. “It’s been tough for many trying to simply put food on the table,” he said. “The UK government has a scheme for providing laptops and tablets to help pupils, students and families access remote education during the coronavirus but they have not made any provision for these groups to cover the cost of printing.”

Askew also said the sad inevitability for many is unemployment once the social support comes to an end. “If Cartridge World can support these people by printing a few CVs for them to share with potential employers then I think of Community Print not so much as as a game-changer… rather its more of a lifeline.”



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