Canon Reports More Infringement to Amazon

Canon Reports More Infringement to Amazon

Canon Reports More Infringement to Amazon

Canon Reports More Infringement to AmazonCanon continues its efforts in fighting against infringing toner cartridges in the U.K. and Canada.

In the U.K.

Canon Inc. announced the filing of Report Infringement Forms with Amazon UK based on the alleged use of claims 1 and 2 of the UK portion of Canon’s European Patent EP 1 977 289 (“EP ‘289”) regarding the cartridge models CB540A, CB541A, CB542A and CB543A offered by LanHuaHuaJingPinDian under the ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) B0819NND2X, B0822JJ8WF, B081NF5RNX, B081F5MPGC, B081DK2TPS, B081CPT18Z, B0817RRPYZ, B07ZRH6ZPC, B0823D3QK5, B07ZNY1QK2, B0822K4CXB, B081NFT9PG, B081F53V6S, B081DJFT37, B081CQHWV6, B0817RSVGQ, B07ZRD4Y5S, B0823D1WBB, B07ZNYV377, B0822J8HHS, B081NDTH6C, B081F58YYF, B081DKFBLM, B081CR8HGT, B0817R71RK, B07ZRG75CC, B0823D4KNT, B07ZP143RD, B0822K3RC6, B081NF9PDH, B081F52BCJ, B081DJT6F3, B081CQR3GC, B0817QTJ2G, B07ZRGBHMF, B0823DD1QC, B07ZP19CW9, B0822JDRM7, B081NFZ69L, B081F5KRZQ, B081DK3ZRP, B081CQ8GS2, B0817RQN9Z, B07ZRGDRJK and B0823D57B1.

Afterwards, Amazon took down the respective product. This product is compatible with the above OEM HP cartridge models CB540A, CB541A, CB542A, CB543A and provides inter alia a non-OEM housing and a non-OEM force receiving device according to claim 1 of EP ‘289. Furthermore, it comprises an elastic portion according to claim 2 of EP ‘289.

In Canada

Canon’s infringement report alleged that certain model CF210A, CF211A, CF212A and CF213A toner cartridges sold by MaxInk via infringed Canon’s Canadian Patent no. 2,635,791. Canon requested the removal of the corresponding listings for these products, having Amazon Standard Identification Numbers B089SGBNBB, B089RCLMW2, B089RBW66L, B089RCHNZC, B089RBZ25V, B089SQ1ZBX, B089SNLM8L, B089SMNQYZ, B089SHD85X, B089SH6DJ5, B089SH5TPF, B089SGBNYJ, B089SG9XT5, B089SG8VKF, B089SFVC2T, B089SN9GXW, B089SH4BYC, B089SH2Z6T, B089RBZDJR, B089RBLQ62, B089RB7DXL, B089R9TMHT, B089R9FDYF, B089R97M2D, B089RC41QS, B089RB1LDX, B089SRB67B, B089SRCDF8, B089RBDNYN, B089RB2LFT, B089R9R8Z6 and B089RB6H12.

At the time of this announcement, the above-identified listings were no longer available on Filing an infringement report with is a service offered by Amazon and does not constitute an official finding of infringement. The decision to take down a product is at the discretion of Amazon and is based on information provided by Canon.



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