2D Printer Supplies Retailer Launches Online 3D Store

Dutch printer supplies retailer Digital Revolution BV (123inkt.nl), parent company of Shanghai Huatai Computer Consumables Co., Ltd (better known as “Vivicolor”), has launched an online 3D printing store (www.123-3D.nl) in the Netherlands. The company said it “has already been selling a small selection of filament via 123inkt.nl, alongside inkjet and laser printer supplies”.

As revealed, the new online 3D store offers a whole set of entry-level 3D printers and filament to 3D printer kits and parts. Also, 123-3D.nl provides an anti-microbial PLA filament called “Purement” and it is the only official dealer of this filament in this region. The company said 123-3D.nl can be expected as the further development of 123inkt.nl, which is a leading online retailer of printer supplies in the Netherlands.

“3D-printing is the future and so is 123-3D.nl,” said Gerben Kreuning, Director, 123inkt.nl. “We’re the right company to become the leader in online sales of 3D printer supplies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only are we the first to offer a complete selection of 3D supplies, but we also excel in offering customer service and support. I have no doubt that we will quickly make a name for ourselves in the 3D printing world!”

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