Get Free MiniSmart: Apexmic Launches Video Campaign

Get Free MiniSmart: Apexmic Launches Video Campaign

To let more customers experience its latest product, Apexmic has launches a video submission campaign and winners can obtain a MiniSmart for free.

The campaign targets both current users of the product and potential customers. Even those who do not yet own the MiniSmart are welcome to participate in the event and receive a trail unit upon successful registration. Participants receiving a device in this way needs to submit their videos within 15 working days. Once their videos are approved, they can keep the MiniSmart.

Get Free MiniSmart: Apexmic Launches Video CampaignFirmware upgrades have been a constant issue for printer users, as they can potentially disrupt the normal usage of third-party cartridges and chips. Thankfully, the MiniSmart can address this problem by reactivating inactive chips and upgrading it to the latest compatible version. Designed to meet the needs of small-scale reworking, it offers impressive easy of use and efficiency. Distributors, resllers, small and medium-size outlets and recyclers can benefit from this stress-free resetting solution.

Get Free MiniSmart: Apexmic Launches Video CampaignEffortless

Without the need to assemble or debug manually, the MiniSmart can be directly put into use once acquired. It can also save your work of loading JIG and switching programs as they can be done automatically.


Boasting extreme compactness, the product can be carried anywhere to perform remote resetting and upgrades. Capability of working in offline and power-off environments makes it more suitable for portable working scenarios.


The MiniSmart covers most common product models. Each reset will take no more than 5 seconds, dramatically reducing time in processing batches of printers.


For more details regarding the entry requirements of the campaign, please visit Apexmic’s event page.



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