7 Strange And Unconventional Printers

Here are seven of the strangest and most unconventional printers out there – ones that you may have never known existed with uses from the surprisingly practical to the damn right bizarre.

1# Toast Printer
Forget your traditional toaster, this printer replaces paper with bread to produce perfectly cooked toast in a matter of seconds for all your breakfast requirements. Ingenious, isn’t it? Will it catch on? Perhaps

Source: DesignBoom

2# Game Boy Printer
Remember this? No? Well, you’re too young then! Released in 1998 by Nintendo, the Game Boy Printer was produced to run alongside the Game Boy Camera and printed images and high scores from compatible Game Boy games. At the time, it seemed like a pretty cool peripheral – although now it just seems a bit lame.

3# Table Printer
Designed to create more space in your office or living room, this small table does what you’d expect from a run-of-the-mill ink-jet printer – it prints regular paper.

The table features two drawers, one where the printed paper is output and the other for a printer tray – there’s no actual storage space in this table then. However, you’ll be glad to know that you can use your table as a facility to place down your cup of coffee. Just what you’ve always wished for.

Source: YankoDesign

4# Egg Printer
‘Who would to print designs onto eggs?’ you may be asking inquisitively. Good question.

Dubbed the EggDrawer (how appropriate), if you’d rather decorate eggs than eat them then this could be the printer you’re looking for.

Source: MakeZine

5# The Little Printer
Why wouldn’t you be smitten with a printer that smiles at you?

Introducing the “Little Printer”, this small but elegant device was released in 2012 as an office-based accessory. Hooked up wirelessly to an App on your smartphone, this clever peripheral prints out receipt-sized updates from all of the sources you’ve been browsing on your phone.

This could include the latest news headlines, meeting times, tweets, reminders, puzzles and more.

Could you do without it? Sure, but it’s certainly a cool gadget.

Source: Wired

6# Photo Frame Printer
Branded the Amex Digital, this unique printer takes the form of a digital photo frame which can replicate the images on screen and put them into print form – emanating from the back of the photo frame.

Photos can be displayed on the screen and subsequently printed through the use of a USB device or SD card.

7# Toast Design Printer
Source: EvilMadScientist

If having a printer to make your toast wasn’t enough then this next invention is surely set to impress (or baffle) you.

Instead of merely producing toast from bread, this printer can actually imprint designs and pieces of text onto the bread. Useful? Not really. Bizarre? Yes.

(Source: TechMaish)

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