Zhono Launched Compatible Patented Chip for Ricoh Copiers

Zhono Launched Compatible Patented Chip for Ricoh Copiers

Zhono Launched Compatible Patented Chip for Ricoh Copiers

Zhono proudly announced the launch of the latest compatible chips specially designed for Ricoh copiers. This original patented solution has been certified by a third-party Japanese organization.

As awareness around intellectual property grows, manufacturers face heightened concerns regarding patent risks. Zhono recognizes this challenge and has made it a priority to develop self-patented products that uphold intellectual property rights. The launch of these new chips underscores Zhono’s unwavering commitment to innovation and alignment with intellectual property standards. The company emphasizes its longstanding respect for the intellectual property rights of OEMs. Since 2019, Zhono’s dedicated teams in IP, Engineering, Product, and R&D have invested extensive time and effort in researching and designing patented chip solutions specifically for Ricoh copiers.

In its quest to meet the stringent requirements of global remanufacturing facilities, Zhono’s team has meticulously refined its chip solutions through more than ten iterations. Rigorous testing, including comparison tests, integration with OEM chips, and lifespan assessments, ensures unparalleled quality and consistent performance. These chips are compatible with a wide array of OEM copiers, providing reliability across various models.

This brand-new solution boasts some impressive features:

  • Innovative design of “C”-shaped elastic contact
  • Staggered layout of the memory (IC) and the chip holder
  • Environmentally friendly support for OEM cartridges

For more patented products and solutions offered by Zhono, please directly contact info@zhono.com.



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