ECS The Greener Side receives new award

ECS The Greener Side receives new award

ECS The Greener Side have been awarded the ‘Best Printer Cartridge Recycling specialists’ title for the second year in a row.

ECS are delighted to announce that their recycling service; The Greener Side, has received this prestigious award for two consecutive years. The title given is part of the Recycling & Waste Management Awards by Build Magazine. Build Magazine announced that ECS The Greener Side has shown “Dedication and Excellence” towards their industry.

ECS The Greener Side receives new award rtmworld

ECS The Greener Side receives new award

The award winning recycler & remanufacturer are dedicated to providing a recycling service that caters to the waste needs of their partners and customers ensuring that all of their legal obligations and requirements are met when it comes to used toner cartridges and components. The company is driven to achieve a circular economy and improve not only their own, but the industry’s green credentials through green solutions and products such as their recycling service and remanufactured toner cartridges.

Director Chris Fink said “Climate change and the circular economy are a huge focal-point in the world at this moment in time. As a company who contributes heavily towards preventing climate change and promoting a circular economy, we’re delighted to achieve such a reward that shows who we are and what we represent.”
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