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RT Media has received corrections and updates to the article “China’s Supplies Industry Continues to Grow” published in its English (edition 89, page 26), Chinese (edition 127, page 20) and Spanish (edition 47, page 21) magazines in August and September, 2017, and its online social media channels during October, 2017.

Please refer to the following content as checked by and verified by the Hubei Dinglong Group.

Dinglong Starts a Trend

The recent trend in acquisitions was started by Hubei Dinglong, which has purchased several finished toner cartridge producers as well as various component and toner manufacturers over the past 5 years. Established in 2000, the company markets a range of highly engineered chemicals including charge control agents (CCA), dispersions and emulsions, and other components for used in marking materials for digital imaging applications. The company was listed on the Shenzhen bourse in 2010 making it one of the first companies from the aftermarket industry to go public. As of this writing, Reuters reported it had a market cap of RMB 9.72 billion (US$1.47 billion).

As it acquired finished cartridge companies, Hubei Dinglong also invested in expanding its toner and component businesses. The company reported last year it had spent RMB 440 million (US$66.36 million) to purchase Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd, RMB 420.86 million (US$63.45 million) to purchase Shenzhen Retech International Ltd. and RMB 130 million (US$19.6 million) to purchase Ningbo Flexitone New Materials Co., Ltd.

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