Hungry Beast Consumes Paper in Staffroom – Berto

Hungry Beast Consumes Paper in Staffroom – Berto

hungry beast consumes paper Berto cartoon rtmworld

A typical school district in the USA with 10,000 students, teachers and staff uses approximately 28 million sheets of paper per year.  Some teachers use as many as 75 sheets of paper in a day, according to this survey. That said, costs for printing include much more than just the cost of paper. In fact, approximately 10 percent of a school’s annual budget is spent on printing, and the average school spends about $3,000-$4,000 on paper, ink and toner each month.

This means that more than 34 billion sheets of paper are used each year just in the United States.  Assuming that each sheet costs a mere 5 cents (photocopy paper at Office Depot apparently costs 38 cents) a sheet, then to provide paper to every child in the US each year for school costs about 2 billion dollars a year.

It costs schools hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to print, so it’s no wonder that school districts are looking for ways to gain control of their school’s print expenses. The global network of Cartridge World stores claims it can help schools reduce these costs.

More Chips Needed on Line Berto cartoon rtmworldBerto #42: August 5, 2016: Hungry Beast Consumes Paper in Staffroom – Berto

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