UK Workshops Supplied iPads Berto cartoon rtmworld

UK Workshops Supplied iPads -Berto plays games

UK workshops supplied iPads with printers and training – Berto wants to play games but the boss is watching

UK Workshops Supplied iPads Berto cartoon rtmworld

For 15 years, the UK government-supplied computers and printers to motor vehicle testing stations throughout the country. But in 2015 that all changed. More than 100,000 Ministry of Transport (MOT) registered centres across the UK, were affected. Each was told they must hand back their computers and printers, and replace them, at their own expense.
Every UK MOT garage will have to buy, install, maintain and support its own IT equipment to access the government’s new cloud MOT processing service.

A group of Cartridge World stores in the UK stepped in to provide MOT garages with a one-stop print and IT solution.
Cartridge World supplied, installed, trained and fully maintained the necessary equipment with an unlimited supply of ink for as low as 14.99 per month.

According to Cartridge World, garages will be supplied with a PC on a desk, or they can choose to have a tablet making it easier to get vehicle data recorded into the MOT system without leaving the vehicle. They also claim all necessary on-site training will be provided to mechanics and staff to ensure a smooth transition to the new government requirements.

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