Onboard with Mobile Printing Berto cartoon rtmworld

Onboard with Mobile Printing – Berto takes off

Onboard with Mobile Printing – Berto takes off

Onboard with Mobile Printing Berto cartoon rtmworld

It is getting much easier to print while you are mobile. Probably not if you are going to upset others around you, though.

It is estimated that 34 percent of office workers, globally, now work away from the office for more than 3 days per week. Some work from their homes, or while traveling on business, or from locations like coffee shops.

If you are ready to take your business on the road,   offers some advice for creating an operational mobile office that allows you to work from anywhere:

“Technology is a powerful thing for small business owners, regardless of what type of business they run. Using technology can help entrepreneurs save money, streamline business processes, promote their products and services in new ways, and work more productively.

Technology also gives many small business owners the ability to leave their home or business offices behind and create mobile offices so they can work from anywhere, at any time. This kind of mobility helps small business owners become nimble and more flexible.”

OEMs Publish White Papers Berto cartoon rtmworldBerto #31: September 5, 2015:

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