Zhono Offers Solution to Ricoh Latest Firmware Upgrade

Zhono Offers Solution to Ricoh Latest Firmware Upgrade

ZhonoIn respond to Ricoh’s latest firmware upgrade to Ricoh IM C series printers, Zhono has upgraded the corresponding compatible chips and resumed shipment of the supply (figure 1 and 2) immediately.

“Our solution is first-to-market. We will remain alert to the firmware upgrades of the OEM and provide reliable chip solutions,” said the spokesperson of Zhono.

Figure 1


Figure 2

For more details, please contact  info@zhono.com.

In September 2022, Ricoh released the latest firmware (see figure 3) which caused the prompt “Independent-supplier print cartridge is set.” on the printer’s screen. And the Remaining Toner shows the prompt “Undetectable” and Toner Quantity shows the prompt “?” (see figure 4,5and 6). In such cases, the printer still prints normally.

Note: The upgrade for Ricoh models including IM C2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4500 / 5500 / 6000, etc. It is recommended that you replace with the upgraded compatible chips as soon as possible. Other Ricoh machines are not affected by the firmware upgrade in addition to the IMC series.
Figure 3


Figure 4


Figure 5


Figure 6


Previously, Zhono released compatible chips for the Sharp MX60/61 series which were impacted by Sharp’s latest firmware upgrade to its MX60/61 series copiers.



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