Zhono Instructs How to Downgrade the Firmware Version for the HP CF500 Series Color Printers

Zhono Instructs How to Downgrade the Firmware Version for the HP CF500 Series Color Printers

In response to a customer inquiry, Zhono’s engineer Mark demonstrates in the video below how to downgrade the firmware version from 20221010 to 20220414 for the HP M281 printers.

The current firmware version of the HP CF500 series printers (cartridge numbers: CF500/510/530/540) is 20220414 which can be downloaded from the HP website.

Visit www.hp.com, click [Support], and then choose [Software & drivers].


Click [Printer].

Choose the correct firmware version and then click [Download].


First, turn on the [Allow Downgrade] function on the printer screen and choose [Yes], then follow these steps:

Click [Setup] – [Service] – [LaserJet Update] – [Next] – [Manage Updates] – [Allow Downgrade] – and then click [Yes] – [Allow Updates] – [Yes].

You can downgrade the firmware version for the printer after finishing the steps above.

Second, if error prompts appear on the screen, downgrading the firmware version will need to be accomplished by connecting the printer to a computer using a USB cable.

Open the firmware package which was downloaded from the HP website and choose the corresponding printer driver. Click [Send Firmware] and a progress bar appears. At the same time a progress bar [Programming] also appears on the printer screen. About 5 minutes later, when the progress bar has finished loading, a smiley face icon appears on the screen which indicates that the firmware version downgrade has been completed.


We suggest that after downgrading the firmware version, you click [Allow Updates] and then click [No] to avoid the HP reminding you of new firmware updates on the printer which may affect printer function.

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