Zhono Expands Distribution in Italy

Zhono Expands Distribution in Italy

ZhonoChina-based chip developer Zhono has entered a partnership with Italeco to distribute Zhono chips in the European market.

Established in 1993, Italeco is an experienced partner with a strong reputation for quality and customer service that matches the values of Zhono. “We believe that this new partnership will strengthen Zhono as a leading supplier of compatible chips for the European market and allow existing and new customers to truly experience the quality of Zhono,” said Jason Doran, Zhono’s Head of Business in Europe.

Marco Torello, Managing Director of Italeco commented: “We are sure that thanks to the long story and deep knowledge that Italeco and Zhono have, we have created the sole real European one-stop-shop for printer chips industry, able also to assist in real-time all customer needs in term of technical, logistic and commercial issues.  This new agreement is a real revolution in the aftermarket. The partnership signed by Italeco and Zhono will be a win-win strategy for a long time for both companies and will speed up the development of new chips to be used in all printer brands”.

In addition to its new distribution agreement with Italeco, Zhono will maintain its direct supply of products to strategic partners in Europe. Zhono has appointed a new Head of Business for Europe, Jason Doran in 2022 to ensure the very best communication and service to all of its European customers.

“We recognise the strategic importance of the European market with strong growth potential,” observes Jack Wong, CEO of Zhono. “By adding local management and a quality-focused technical distributor like Italeco to support our customers, we want to demonstrate Zhono’s commitment to the success of our customers in Europe.”

Company Information:

Zhono is a premier international high-tech company focused on integrated circuit design. Headquartered in the Guangzhou High-Tech Development Zone, with R&D centers in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xi’an, Zhono has a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States directing sales, distribution and marketing activities throughout North America.

Zhono develops and manufactures printing consumable chips, microcontrollers (MCU) and security chips that are widely used in office equipment, smart hardware, and the Internet of Things devices. Founded in 2013, Zhono has built an extraordinary R&D team, with a complete production and supply process and a global distribution and sales network. To learn more, visit www.zhono.com

Italeco Srl was established in 1993 and has always been interested in innovation. Italeco was a real pioneer developing replacement chips since 1999 and was a cofounder of Printchip Ltd that was acquired in 2013.

With a thorough knowledge of the electronics industry, we have been able to develop a range of innovative and reliable products. Following this goal in 2009 Italeco has started distribution of Digital Microscopes for the Health Care industry, medically Certifying a range of scopes, at the end of 2015 the line of MIc-Fi Wi.-Fi digital microscope has been launched at Medica Dusseldorf. Italeco is also constantly researching new technologies and / or products of the highest quality, to provide solutions and innovations to the imaging market.  Contact Italeco: https://italeco.com



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