New Frontier for Managed Print Service

The open-plan office has been the traditional home of managed print and with the consolidation of printer hardware as well as the use of consumables, there has been a real cost per page saving for these users.

Beyond this traditional office environment, MPS has started evolving into retail and distributed environments. So says John Jones, the MPS Solutions Manager at IPS, based in Dublin, Ireland.

“In retail scenarios, branch locations often have a single printer in the back office, so obviously the traditional MPS approach of consolidating hardware doesn’t apply,” Jones says. According to Jones,the conversation is around workflow management.

Document automation remains a challenge for such clients, as branch locations often have a single printer, and in most of the cases, the printer is isolated from all of the company’s systems.

Jones maintains that with easy-to-use interface apps, integrated print can access various IT applications like email or accounts payable. Workflow management offers a good solution to enhance printing efficiency.

MPS also helps shift documentation policy from printed output to digital input. In a typical retail environment, data input usually involves a lot work, as most of the forms, such as delivery dockets and stock checks, are printed out on low-end devices, filled in, scanned and sent to email.

Having invested heavily in systems solutions, retailers expect an efficient and cost-effective way to put information into those systems without impacting on staff time to input that data.

To this point, newer MPS models meet the demands. Branches enjoy the convenience of sending and retrieving forms to the head office with a consistent and cost-effective multi-function device, which comes pre-installed with hooks into the company’s email or accounts payable system as needed.

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