More Seizure Orders Issued Against the Same Company

Yesterday it was reported that Printer Cartridge Recycle received a Seizure and Forfeiture order for 337-TA-829 general exclusion order (GEO) violation. According to the documents provided to RT Media, today, the USITC has issued two more seizure and forfeiture orders against the same company.

Related to the 337-TA-691 and 337-TA-565 investigations respectively, USITC claims these two orders will prevent Printer Cartridge Recycle from importing inkjet ink supplies and components which violate GEOs of the aforesaid investigations. The orders stipulate such violating products will be seized if and when they are imported into the U.S.

The 337-TA-691 investigation was instituted on October 29, 2009, alleging 11 companies had violated five U.S. patents: 6,089,687; 6,264,301; 6,959,985; 7,104,630. Another investigation, titled 337-TA-565, instituted on March 24, 2011 investigated three companies as to whether they had violated eleven U.S. patents: 5,156,472; 5,158,377; 5,221,148; 5,488,401; 5,615,957; 5,622,439; 6,502,917; 6,550,902; 6,955,422; 7,008,053; 7,011,397. Both of the investigations were completed with the issuing of a GEO.

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