“New Move” for Clover Mexico

Clover Imagining Group (CIG) Mexico announced its relocation to a new high-capacity facility.

According to CIG, the new integrated site covers an area of 560,000 sq. ft. and accommodates 3,500 staff. Featuring CIG’s state-of-the-art process-enhancing tools, machines and robots to support its highly automated manufacturing environments, the facility is believed to enhance the product consistency and quality.

Its processes involve color and mono toner manufacturing, empties processing, parts reclamation, fuser manufacturing, recycling, and packaging. The production volume of laser cartridges will be raised to over 1 million per month.

Ino Landa, EVP and General Manager, Clover Mexico, said: “Not only is Clover increasing our manufacturing capacity but we are also ensuring quality improvement thanks to our substantial investment in engineering innovations in the new space. This move is strategic in supporting our vertical integration strategy and controlling the entire process in one facility.”

CIG Mexico has also obtained the R2:2013 Standard recently. The standard represents the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry. CIG added that this facility is the core cartridge collection operation in Clover, producing 3,000,000 cartridges a month.

For more insight into the new facility, please click here.

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