Pantum Launches New Models in India

Pantum Launches New Models in India

Pantum Launches New Models in India

Pantum has launched two new Max Series models in India, the P3305 Series and the M7105 Series, expanding the range of printing solutions for Indian enterprises. Designed to cover a wide range of work scenarios, the cost-effective, large-capacity P3305 Series and M7105 Series models help large enterprises to control expenditures while maintaining high-quality output.

Pantum Launches New Models in India

The Ultimate in Office Printer Productivity: Largest Volume, Fastest Speed, Lowest Cost!

Pantum’s Max Series is designed to offer optimal printing and cartridge capacity while controlling costs, and the P3305 Series and M7105 Series do just that. These models achieve significant savings for enterprises, with competitive printing material and long-term operating costs with a cost per page (CPP) is just INR 0.25.

Moreover, both printer models offer robust printing capacities. Using the TL-425U toner cartridge, the printers are capable of printing 11,000 pages on one cartridge alone. The recommended monthly print volume of 5,000 pages is more than double the industry standard of 2,000, meeting the printing volumes of large enterprises.

Multifunctionality is a feature of any Pantum printer, and the P3305 Series and M7105 Series models are no exception. Operating these printers is intuitive and efficient thanks to one-click driver installation and automatic duplex printing. These WiFi-enabled printers support mobile phone direct printing. An automatic document feeder (ADF) also supports automatic scanning, copying, and more. These features make the printing and copying experience more convenient and seamless, enhancing work efficiency.

As the world continues to fight against the pandemic, Pantum is committed to standing with India by leveraging its brand and product strengths to help our customers achieve continued business success.

“Pantum will continue to optimize our product offering, after-sales service, and distribution so that we can better meet the need of the market and adapt the market changes all the time,” said Mr. Abhra Das, Pantum India Sales Head.



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