Staples Advantage Rolls out Print-to-Store for B2B Customers

Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, launched Print-to-Store which allows customers to order print jobs through and pick them up at their closest Staples store, reported

Now available at all Staples stores delivering Copy and Print services, Print-to-Store aims to extend the convenience and flexibility of an omnichannel shopping experience to its customers.

End-users can print a wide range of high-quality documents, including digital black and white, presentations and color reproductions. Print-to-Store orders will be billed to a company’s Staples Advantage account, so no personal payment information is needed.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Increased employee productivity. Flexible print capabilities offer convenience for customers to get what they need wherever they are. With less time spent worrying about printing needs or filling out expense reports, employees have more time to focus on their business and be more productive.
  • Reliability and quality control. With Print-to-Store, all documents can be previewed before submitting, ensuring they will print exactly as they have been set.
  • Spending and usage control. With Print-to-Store, businesses have control and insight into print spend. Also, an approval process can be set up to make sure employees only print work-related documents.

Steve Bussberg, senior vice president, Staples Advanta, stated, “Print- to- Store is a unique offering that leverages our vast network of retail locations while streamlining billing for both end-users and procurement departments. A true omnichannel offering, Print- to- Store provides convenient access to professional printing services, regardless of location.”


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