292 Counterfeit Toner Cartridges Destroyed in Tanzania

The Fair Competition Commission (FCC) destroyed counterfeit HP toner cartridges and Samsung mobile phones impounded in Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam regions in Tanzania. The FCC noted the counterfeit products reached the value of 230 million shillings (US$125,097).

According to Frank Mdimi (pictured), the FCC’s Communications and Public Relations Officer, the products were impounded from the late 2014 to the early 2015. After destroying the forged products at Mkuranga-based Safe Waste Incinerator, Mr. Mdimi pointed out that the products were already in the market. “The fake products we have just destroyed include 4,150 mobile phones at the value of 207.5 million shillings (US$112,859.25) and 292 pieces of HP toner cartridges costing 23.3 million shillings (US$12,672.87)”, he explained.

The destruction exercise was conducted in the presence of law enforcers and a representative from Samsung. Mr. Mdimi called upon the general public to refrain from purchasing fake products due to their negative effects on the government and consumers.


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