RemaxWorld Summit 2023: What’s New and What’s Next?

RemaxWorld Summit 2023: What’s New and What’s Next?

The Summit held during the RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai focused on changes and trends. More than 20 industry leaders shared expertise and vision on a wide array of crucial and hot topic issues.

Dr. Ivan Rosales kicked off the event on October 12, 2023, drawing inspiration from the opportunities change can deliver. He discussed the option of acquiring services from outsourcing companies in neighboring countries, typically those sharing a border with the target market. Alternatively, businesses may choose to establish their operations in these nearby countries. For instance, a North American company might opt for nearshoring part of its manufacturing operations to a facility in Mexico. Successful establishment in a foreign market often necessitates the guidance of local experts who specialize in “soft-landing” services, facilitating a seamless transition.

Graham Galliford, a distinguished figure in the industry, who was honored with this year’s Diamond Pioneering Award, delved into the intricacies of full-color toner printing. He explained the complex toner printing process, known as electrophotography, which amalgamates various technologies, including electronics, mechanics, semiconductors, chemistry, and physics.

IDC’s Donna Wang took the stage to share data and insights gleaned from research and analysis. She provided a comprehensive overview of the global printing peripherals market. She observed that when contrasting the year 2023 with a decade earlier in 2013, the data illustrated shifts in market contributions by various regions, with a notable increase in market share in regions such as the Middle East and Africa.

The summit also featured a panel discussion, hosted by David Gibbons, which included experts like Dr Ivan Rosales (Mexico), James Douglas (Australia), Sanjeev Mahajan (India), and Jason Doran (Europe). The panel engaged in thoughtful discussions on the threats and opportunities in their respective regions, the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, the implications of trade bans in the United States on the aftermarket globally, and successful strategies employed by OEMs to counter the impact of the aftermarket.

Following the panel discussion, representatives from leading Chinese printer companies, Yong Liu from Dalian Zonewin and Lily Yuan from Hannto Technology, introduced their latest printer models and strategic initiatives.

Eminent aftermarket leaders including Arnald Ho (Print-Rite), Eric Zhang (Ninestar), Benjamin Young (Dinglong), Jason Doran (Zhono), and Steven Ma (CET), shared their insights, technological advancements, and solutions. Their unwavering confidence and determination in facing future challenges were palpable.

Changes and updates are always a key to develop products, market and industry. Many participants, unsolicited, commented that the RemaxWorld Summit had yet again, for the 16th year, lived up to its reputation of consistently delivering high-quality information, timely updates, and thought-provoking discussions. The event serves as a platform to foster collaboration and innovation, ensuring that attendees leave with enriched perspectives and, hopefully, a more profitable future.



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