Bidding Farewell to OEM Printers

Bidding Farewell to OEM Printers

Bidding Farewell to OEM Printers

The global strategy used by printer OEMs to market and sell printers and cartridges is well known. The well-established “razor-and-blade” model sees OEM brands luring customers with inexpensive printers and then capitalizing on the sale with the ink and toner cartridge supplies.

Bidding Farewell to OEM Printers

They have also used OEM chip encryption and other technical tactics to lock out the aftermarket and to force end-users to only buy their supplies. This familiar strategy has long been the industry norm.

But a game-changing opportunity now exists. Imagine the convenience of accessing a multitude of toner cartridge brands that have used the tried-and-proven, robust HP 2612A cartridges over many years. Put that together with reasonable pricing and assured quality. It could be time to bid farewell to the expensive costs of OEM toner cartridges.

Zonewin is a Chinese printer company that manufactures world-exclusive, high-speed, duplex 3-in-1 laser printers. These versatile machines all conveniently and reliably use compatible 2612A toner cartridges.

Yong Liu, Chairman of Zonewin, will provide a presentation that will reshape the perceptions of distributors looking for something “new” to sell to customers. He will explore the rationale behind the steadfast commitment to compatibility with the 2612A toner cartridge. It is an opportunity to learn about groundbreaking new models that are set to redefine printing paradigms.

For those still tethered to the costly world of OEM printers, the time has come to challenge the status quo and redefine the printing experience of end-users. All the answers will be unveiled at the RemaxWorld Summit!

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