Innovation: A Driving Force—Meet Arnald Ho at RemaxWorld Summit

Innovation: A Driving Force—Meet Arnald Ho at RemaxWorld Summit

Innovation: A Driving Force—Meet Arnald Ho at RemaxWorld Summit

With over four decades of expertise in the printing consumables business, Arnald Ho’s journey with Print-Rite has significantly shaped the Chinese and the global aftermarket landscape since its inception in 1981.

Innovation: A Driving Force—Meet Arnald Ho at RemaxWorld Summit

Ho’s remarkable journey is deeply rooted in innovation. Throughout its 42-year development, Print-Rite has set new benchmarks in the industry, propelled by a relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. The company’s commitment to invention has culminated in the acquisition of thousands of patents, a testament to its pioneering spirit.

One key facet that sets Print-Rite apart is its dedication to promoting innovation and integrity on a global scale. By fostering a culture of innovation and investing in proprietary technologies, Print-Rite has managed to avoid legal conflicts, thanks to its extensive portfolio of patents. Ho emphasizes the importance of showcasing this innovation not only as a symbol of Chinese ingenuity but also as a means to demonstrate the company’s integrity and honesty to the international community.

Print-Rite’s dedication to innovation and its remarkable patent achievements have been celebrated at the RemaxWorld Expo for over a decade. From humble beginnings of thirty to fifty registered patents in the industry’s early years, the landscape has transformed dramatically. Today, the printing consumables sector sees over a thousand patents registered annually, propelling China to the forefront of global patent registrations.

Ho emphasizes the significance of protecting intellectual property and patents. By promoting the importance of innovation and intellectual property rights, Print-Rite aims to encourage respect for proprietary solutions and inspire businesses to safeguard their creations.

We invite you to join us at the RemaxWorld Summit to hear Arnald Ho share his insights on innovation, integrity, and the power of promoting a mindset shift. His journey with Print-Rite serves as a beacon of inspiration for businesses worldwide, showcasing the transformative potential of embracing innovation and fostering integrity.

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