KingSun to Showcase Ink Cartridge Solution for Epson Label Printers at RemaxWorld

KingSun to Showcase Ink Cartridge Solution for Epson Label Printers at RemaxWorld

KingsunTo meet the customization demands for label printing, Kingsun will showcase its compatible ink cartridges for use in Epson label machines CW6030, 6050, 6530, 6500, and Epson SJIC38/T44E series at RemaxWorld Expo 2023 (Booth Number: 2236).

Kingsun claims its ink cartridge solution is ready to use in printers supporting a printing speed of up to 85 mm/s (300x600dpi). The chip is easily recognized without any risks. The ink cartridge can adapt to different label sizes, personalized style labels, and printing media requirements.

“The ink cartridge enables labels to be waterproof, light, and scratch resistant,” a Kingsun spokesperson said. “The ink dries immediately upon application on the labels without having to wait for drying time. At the same time, it is easy to store for a long time without fading,”

Utilizing high-quality imported pigment ink to replace the original pigment ink, the average cost of printing a label is said to be less than one cent.

Kingsun will also showcase its waste ink tank at RemaxWorld Expo 2023. Easily recognizable chips are used and the waste ink tank is ready to use in the printer. Using environmentally friendly compressed cotton with strong ink absorption capacity, Kingsun claims there is no need to worry about the risk of waste ink overflow. In addition, the waste ink tank is also cost-saving.

According to Kingsun, it provides compatible ink cartridges, waste ink bins, and pigment inks for a full range of label machines, offering independent molds, strong product compatibility, stable product quality, and cost-saving for users.

Kingsun claims that the current ink cartridge models available are:

  • EPSON SJIC22/24
  • EPSON SJIC26/30/32
  • EPSON SJIC36/38/35/40 (in chip development)

The current models of ink cartridges for waste ink bins are:

  • EPSON SJMB3500
  • EPSON SJMB7500
  • EPSON SJMB6500

If you have further product inquiries, please contact:

  • Email:
  • Whatsapp/wechat: 86 18926914539
  • Skype: aomyazh

About Kingsun

Kingsun is a technology company that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and solutions of inkjet wide-line ink cartridges. The company focuses on new product research, development, and user experience, and prioritizes providing stable quality products and user output. The company’s main products include Canon/Epson plotters, commercial printing/HP/Ricoh wide-range compatible ink cartridges, and high-quality pigment inks. All products are 100% self-molded, with an ink R&D and testing team striving for excellence to achieve the most stable print output and color. The factory implements 90% finished product stocking production and fast delivery.

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