Xiaomi Printer Manufacturer to Address RemaxWorld Summit

Xiaomi Printer Manufacturer to Address RemaxWorld Summit

Xiaomi Printer Manufacturer to Address RemaxWorld Summit

Xiaomi Printer Manufacturer to Address RemaxWorld SummitThe fact that various OEM giants have predominantly controlled the billion-dollar printing market is widely acknowledged. This is attributed to the tightly integrated supply chain, capital-intensive business model, and technological barriers that have posed substantial challenges for domestic brands aiming to carve a niche.

Against the backdrop of this context, a new Chinese player, Hannto Technology, which is notably recognized as the actual manufacturer behind Xiaomi printers, emerged in 2017.

Within just a year of its inception, Hannto Technology launched its inaugural printer model, and to date, it has introduced a total of 8 Xiaomi-branded printer variants, while also establishing its proprietary labels – “JiYin” and the international brand “liene.” These strategic brand placements have not only secured the company’s position across diverse market segments but have also propelled Hannto into the ranks of prominent printer brands in China and on the global stage.

The catalyst behind Hannto’s ability to swiftly introduce new products lies in question. Moreover, how does Hannto intend to solidify its position in the future in the Chinese and overseas printer markets?

Addressing these inquiries at the RemaxWorld Summit 2023, Ms. Lily Yuan (pictured), General Manager of the Commercial Business Division at Hannto Technology China, will offer insights into these aspects.

Yuan has rich experience in R&D and sales. She previously worked for Fortune 500 General Electric and Hewlett-Packard for 15 years. After joining Hannto(known as Xiaomi printer), she began to expand the business of Hannto China. She hopes to use the printing technology and management experience accumulated in the past to truly serve Chinese individual and enterprise users, and to become the printer company that understands Chinese customers best.

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For more information, visit www.rtmworld.com/remaxworld



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