Print-Rite Webinar Creates a Stir

Print-Rite Webinar Creates a Stir

Print-Rite Webinar Creates a Stir

Print-Rite Webinar Creates a StirThe 50-minute webinar held on April 21, 2022, has created a mixture of opinions from aftermarket buyers mainly in Europe and North America.

Founding CEO, Arnald Ho along with Steve Weedon delivered innovative new product solutions to confront the mounting concern over the impact of the use of printer cartridges on the environment.

Philippe Sol from the French-based NewCo was quick to join scores of others who reacted to the webinar. “Do you think it could be possible to have the webinar presentation for business and marketing use?” he asked.

Many other comments from distributors in Europe seeking more information as a reaction to the March 30 news that the European Union Commission would set up regulatory measures for imaging equipment and supplies.

Very much aware of the changes coming to the European market and the concerns of distributors, Ho (pictured) acknowledged, “Today, our world faces a triple environmental crisis of climate change, nature loss, and pollution.

“It is clear that they will profoundly alter the future destiny of our planet.”

During the presentation, Steve Weedon spoke passionately about patented, innovative products developed by Print-Rite. “We gave the participants something to talk about,” Weedon said.

Weedon spoke about new patented technologies that:

  1. reduce CO2,
  2. reduce the cost per page, and
  3. are different to the OEM cartridge.
Print-Rite Webinar Creates a Stir

RT Media webinar host David Gibbons (left) asked questions of Steve Weedon, the CEO of Print-Rite Europe

Some of the more than 200 attendees, however, felt that Weedon was in “full sales mode” and “pushing his own agenda about solutions other than remanufacturing. Other attendees took to social media complaining there was not an opportunity to come publicly online during the event with their own observations and questions.

However, most of the opinion was quite different. Daryle from the USA said, “I attended the webinar this morning and it had a lot of good information.  Is it possible that I can get a copy of it so I can share it with my team?” And to quote just one other, Marcelo Nobrega said, “This was an amazing webinar. Short. To the point. Amazing information to change for a better direction in our business.”

Others sending in comments and requesting more information asked that their names not be publicly disclosed with one person saying, “II appreciate the fact that this is a private forum. I do not want others to know I attended for obvious reasons. The products described are quite revolutionary and I need to know more information.”

“We didn’t scramble looking for a quick fix solution to meet the recent EU’s decision, or the state of California’s recent reaction to being even tougher on the environment,” Ho added.

“We haven’t just looked for workaround solutions either. We have gone back to the drawing board to innovatively redesign printer cartridges that eliminate waste, and that do not infringe the patents of others.”

Staff at Print-Rite are able to supply a link for those still wanting to watch the webinar or to respond to any questions about the products and innovations featured during the presentation that have been or will be released in 2022. Please Email Regin Xu at <>



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