Print-Rite Promotes Intellectual Property Protection

Print-Rite Promotes Intellectual Property Protection

Print-Rite Promotes Intellectual Property ProtectionIn the wake of world intellectual property day, which falls on April 26 2022, Print-Rite reclaims its commitment to intellectual property protection.

“We have noticed that the online sellers, instead of manufacturers, are severely hit by e-commerce takedown cases. And we know patent right is the pain point for business owners and online sellers. That is why we are committed to providing IP-safe printer consumables to our customers,” said Arnald Ho, founding CEO of Print-Rite.

Print-Rite believes that IP safe is vital to identify itself from others in the market. It has launched IP-safe solutions for various cartridge products during the past years, such as:

  • IP-safe compatible color copier cartridge for GPR-53/GPR-58 series.

The design comes up with self-developed chips offering reliable functions.

  • Reset Wheel structure (RW2) for TN760/TN2420

The innovation overturned Brother’s original driving method to friction-drive motion instead of gear-drive to avoid patent infringement risk.

Print-Rite claims that it has registered 3,125 patents by March 2022, a demonstration of its competence as an IP champion.

Patent disputes have haunted business owners and re-sellers for years. A more standardized e-commerce market requires IP protection, which will benefit everyone who respects intellectual property rights.

On April 21, 2022, Print-Rite will hold its online webinar printing for the future to share its patent solutions. Founding Chairman Arnald Ho will be a speaker at the webinar. Ho will be joined by Steve Weedon, the CEO of Print-Rite Europe, who will reveal the specifics of its patented products.

“We will give the participants something to talk about,” Weedon said. “They will be:

  1. patented technologies that reduce CO2,
  2. patented technologies that reduce the cost per page, and
  3. patented technologies that are different to the OEM cartridge.”

Attendees must register their intentions to attend the webinar before the event in order to be able to attend. Click the banner to register now.



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