Print-Rite Solution for LA's Planned New-build Cartridge Ban

Print-Rite Solution for LA’s Planned New-build Cartridge Ban

Print-Rite Solution for LA’s Planned New-build Cartridge Ban

Print-Rite Solution for LA's Planned New-build Cartridge Ban375 million printer cartridges are dumped in U.S. landfills annually, creating unnecessary plastic waste. Most of these cartridges are original printer OEM cartridges that were never reused or remanufactured.

According to Newswires, the City of Los Angeles voted on April 12, 2022, to support legislation that would ban the import and sale of aftermarket, single-use, new-build printer cartridges. Lobbyists from Planet Green launched a petition to ban imported single-use cartridges arguing they are harmful to the environment and cannot be recycled or remanufactured.

The action makes Los Angeles the first big city in America to recognize the environmental catastrophe printer cartridges are causing.

Not All New-builds are the Same

Print-Rite claims that its aftermarket new-build cartridges are not only good for the environment but are better than anything else offered by either the OEMs or the aftermarket. And they can be remanufactured too.

According to Founding Chairman, Arnald Ho, Print-Rite has innovatively redesigned printer cartridges that eliminate waste, while not infringing the patents of others at the same time.

Ho will be a speaker at the upcoming Print-Rite webinar, Printing for the Future on April 21, 2022. Print-Rite is inviting those looking for real solutions to attend the 40-minute webinar that will launch a new range of printer cartridges that are better for the environment.

It has always been Ho’s dream to change the foreigners’ minds about China and that this industry has integrity not only in business but for the environment as well.

Ho will be joined by Steve Weedon, the CEO of Print-Rite Europe who is excited about the new products that have been researched and developed over many years. Weedon will reveal the specifics during the webinar but has told RT Media, in an exclusive interview, that a lower cost per page is a vital part of the mix.

“We will give the participants something to talk about,” Weedon said. “They will be:

  1. patented technologies that reduce CO2,
  2. patented technologies that reduce the cost per page, and
  3. patented technologies that are different to the OEM cartridge.”

Arnald Ho, Steve Weedon and Regin Xu will each give brief presentations that reveal; the new product solutions that will avoid frustrating takedowns, are not in conflict with OEM patents and address the concerns of the lawmakers in Los Angeles as well as those in the European Union and in other places as well.

Attendees must register their intentions to attend the webinar before the event in order to be able to attend.



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