Mito Launches New IP-safe Solution for Canon and HP

Mito Launches New IP-safe Solution for Canon and HP

Mito Launches New IP-safe Solution for Canon and HP

Mito Launches New IP-safe Solution for Canon and HPChina-based Mito has released new compatible toner cartridges for use in Canon and HP printers using its own patented technology category.

According to Mito, the new release comes up with unique patented structure design and will provide a better user experience, promising stable and outstanding printing performance. Applicable for the wider product range, the company claims the one-stop solution can meet the daily printing demands of distributors and their customers. In addition, Mito’s full supply chain ensures that every product is in compliance with quality standards.


The new release can be used as a replacement for the following toner cartridges:

  • MTPT-HE-W2110-W2113 (206) A/X
  • MTPT-HE-W2210-W2213 (207) A/X
  • MTPT-HE-W2310-W2313 (215) AMTPT-HE-W2410-W2413 (216) A
  • MTPT-HE-CF540-CF543A/X
  • MTPT-HE-CF530-CF533A

“With heavy investment in R&D and technology innovation, Mito always respects the intellectual property rights of the OEMs and all other third parties,” said Wendy Duan (pictured), General Manager of Mito. “Patents are the indispensable core of Mito’s development.”

Duan explained that Mito takes full advantage of the supply chain advantages of the Dinglong Group. “We work hard to develop design-around patented products, and protect the development of Mito and our partners,” she added.

“Innovation has always been a core function of Mito’s business and there is every reason the company will continue to provide innovative and high-quality product solutions to help our distribution partners achieve further successes in their markets.”

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