Cycling 5,944 Miles to China

Print-Rite’s Europe team is celebrating the 35 anniversary of its china-based global company, by traveling across 20 countries—on bike.

The team, however, do not need to leave the Print-Rite Europe office—situated at Amber Drive, Langley Mill, England—to achieve the feat.

17 staff mount their exercise bikes and record how far they have pedaled each day. The headquarters of Print-Rite in Zhuhai, China, is 9,566km (5,944 miles) away. At the last check, they had reached Serbia. The team aims to reach Zhuhai by 30th September, just in time to congratulate company founding chairman, Arnald Ho, and the Print-Rite team on their anniversary.

Moreover, the team is raising money from sponsors collecting £1 (US$1.3) per mile. The funds raised will be donated to the British Heart Foundation and Clic Sargent. Print-Rite expects to raise £5,944 (US$7,859) in total.

In addition, Print-Rite have set up two Giving pages, one for the British Heart Foundation and one for Clic Sargent, where people can show their support. Also, locals can visit the Langley Mill office to contribute. All donors will be honored on Print-Rite’s website and social media channels.

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