ISC to Help Execute Cartridges Exclusion Order

Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), the OEM coalition, now offers service to help identify cartridges which are listed in exclusion orders.

The non-profit organization, consisting of Brother, Canon U.S.A., Epson America, HP, Lexmark, Oki, Samsung America, Toshiba America Business Solutions, and Xerox, has been helping industry people to avoid counterfeit cartridges for 16 years. According to source from Actionable Intelligence, ISC will now extend its service to authentication for cartridges excluded by the ITC.

Patent-infringing cartridges have drawn great concern from the OEMs in recent years. Although exclusion orders are filed by ITC to protect their patented products, channels and users need more help in identifying the cartridges. ISC says it can help educate and authenticate the products as long as users send them the suspected items.

The move by ISC again shows OEM’s desperation in protecting its markets. For aftermarket players, it is not bad either as legal companies can avoid more unfair competitions.

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