Remanufacturer Launched First Indian Online Cartridge Store

In order to enhance its business, Cartridge Junction, an Indian remanufacturer, announced the launch of the first Indian online cartridge store, eCommerce store.

The store offers a variety of remanufactured toner cartridges, with both colour and MICR cartridges included. Cartridges compatible with all chief OEM brands are available at a discount of 40%-50%.

As boosted by Cartridge Junction, the orders can be delivered to anywhere in India within 5 days after the order is made. It also willingly helps costumers trace a particular cartridge if it is not available on this website.

Moreover, Cartridge Junction would reduce delivery fees for customers ordering plenty of products and offer accounts for NGOs, schools and colleges.

Now Cartridge Junction is expecting printers and printing accessories sold on the website.

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