Bold Move into the US Market

Bold Move into the US Market

Indian Toners has taken the bold step to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Florida, USA, drawing on a 20-year, industry veteran as its new General Manager.

Alan Kronstat will be responsible for heading sales in the Americas for Indian Toners & Developers Ltd (ITDL).

The CEO of ITDL, Akshat Jain explained to RT Media the new company is called Indian Toners U.S.A. Company, and its primary aim is to serve the world’s biggest market which is North, South and Central America.

The warehouse has been set up with all the popular products of ITDL now available including customized orders or bulk packing for the American market.

Jain also revealed that ITDL will further enhance its production capacity to 3,600 metric tons each year by adding a new production line in India. The new line, which is the 6th production line being installed in the company apart from an exclusive R&D line, will be able to produce 600 metric tons of toner per year.

“With this new installation, there will be a total of 7 production lines in the company,” added Jain. “The expansion work is under progress and the installation should be complete by January 2017, with commercial production starting by February 2017 on the new line. The company is currently almost operating at capacity, which was the primary reason for the new expansion.”

For more information, please visit or contact Alan Kronstat at

Editor’s Note: Alan Kronstat was featured on the cover on Edition 75 of Recycling Times Magazine (English Edition). Click here for more details.

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