Printable UV Sensor to Prevent Skin Cancer

Printable UV Sensor to Prevent Skin Cancer

A new wearable sensor has been developed in Australia to help prevent skin cancer.

With the hope of reducing Australia’s high incidence of skin cancer, Parisa Sowti Khiabani from University of New South Wales (UNSW) designed the UV sensor. The sensor can be worn like stickers on the skin and which can be adjusted to suit individual skin types. Wearers can easily tell if they have been exposed to too much ultraviolet sunlight, as the sensor changes color after sun exposure.

UNSW Professor Justin Gooding said, “It’s so simple it could be fabricated at home using an inkjet printer and tested in your backyard.”

According to NineNews, the sensor will soon be introduced at the International NanoMedicine Conference in Sydney and is ready for the commercial market.

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