GFK-Value Declines in UK Print Market

Oscar Diamond (pictured), account manager for Office at GFK, found that the UK print market grew in volume by 9.9% and dropped in value by 1% in March and April 2015.

According to, the laser market is the main factor in the decline of value, which has been hit hard by the rise of business inkjet printers over the past four years or so. Empowered by inkjet printing technology, business ink printer sales grew rapidly in the UK, which directly affected the laser market negatively. It is revealed that laser printer sales decreased by 4% in volume and by 13.6% in value during April 2015 year-on-year (YOY). Furthermore, the business ink market is showing signs of slowing down, with a poor sales start in January and February, and declined values of 19.4% and 16.2% respectively, but these have since recovered and grown by 2.6% in April. Although the business ink market shows a potential for growth, it is clear that the 30% YOY growth is gone.

The rest of the inkjet market (non-business ink) has performed very well during 2015, growing by 12.2% in volume and 3.6% in value in April. It was found that multifunction printers contributed to all of this growth (13% volume) while single function printer continues to decline (34% volume). The dominance of multifunction printers also squeezed the market share of standalone scanners.


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