Pantum Introduces Self-developed A3 Copier

Pantum Introduces Self-developed A3 Copier

Pantum Introduces Self-developed A3 Copier

In a recent press conference, Pantum introduced its latest A3 laser copiers, which filled the void of self-developed imaging equipment in China.

Pantum Introduces Self-developed A3 Copier

Ground-breaking Innovation

Technological barriers established by American and Japanese enterprises have been a constant obstacle for companies that aim to develop self-patented imaging equipment. Since 2007, Pantum has been pursuing innovative breakthrough, and succeeded in launching the first self-patented A4 laser printers in China in 2010. The introduction of the new A3 copiers indicate that China has become one of the three countries that have access to core printer technologies, enabling China to embark on the course of industrial production.

Safeguarding Information Security

Information security is among the priority of a country, while printers constitute an essential part of IT industries. Therefore, security issues of printing equipment requires extra attention. Shen Chagnxiang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, recognized Pantum’s effort to guarantee the network safety of its products. The latest release will epitomize printer security both in China and worldwide.

Pantum Introduces Self-developed A3 Copier

Satisfying Customers Demands

In a time when customers are provided excessive alternatives, Pantum manages to accurately detect their most urgent needs and cater to them. Along with the introduction of the A3 copiers, Pantum announced that it would collaborate with Jingdong to expand sale channels and improve consumer experience. Users will benefit from a one-stop solution jointly offered by Pantum and Jingdong. In addition, Pantum actively responds to the social appeals for sustainability and introduces a trade-in program, which will also be available on Jingdong.

Pantum will persist with making breakthroughs, elevating corporate images, and establishing Chinese own printer brand globally.



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