Pantum Introduces Ultra Series Printers

Pantum Introduces Ultra Series Printers

Pantum Introduces Ultra Series Printers

Pantum recently announced the introduction of a new printer series: the Ultra Series. It is a collection of A3 monochrome and color multifunctional printers dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

Pantum Introduces Ultra Series PrintersThe Ultra Series includes three models, Ultra 270, 330 and 420, possessing printing speeds of respectively 25 pages per page (ppm), 30 ppm and 35 ppm. All integrate functions of printing, copying and scanning, providing users with a seamless office experience with versatile capabilities. The multifunctional performance, coupled with impressive efficiency, makes it a perfect companion for users in small and medium-sized businesses.

Resembling other of Pantum’s well-received products, the Ultra Series is also equipped with an array of efficiency-strengthening components: a reverse automatic document feeder with a capacity of 110 pages, a 7-inch touchscreen, and an operation panel that allows function customization. Additionally, it features USB printing, enabling flexible printing tasks.

Pantum Introduces Ultra Series PrintersSecurity is among the priorities Pantum values in its products. The Ultra Series possesses some existing secure functions, including automatic rest, administrator authentication and SSL/TLS or IPsec information encryption, and many more.

Sustainability, another ultimate goal of Pantum, can also be reflected in the latest release. There are various new features that demonstrate Pantum’s dedication to a more eco-friendly environment. The smart power-saving mode can detect users’ habits and optimize power consumption. Staple-free binding and multi-sheet printing reduces the waste of office supplies.

Combining cutting-edge features, exceptional print quality, and a commitment to sustainability, the Ultra Series sets a new standard for powerful and user-friendly office solutions.



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