New Updates: Lockdown Brings Challenges to Manufacturers

New Updates: Lockdown Brings Challenges to Manufacturers

New Updates: Lockdown Brings Challenges to Manufacturers

On January 15, RT reported that Tanzhou and parts of Zhuhai were placed under lockdown due to the surge of new covid-19 cases.

Two days passed, how are things going with these factories? RT followed up some manufacturers and below are some new updates:

  • Chinamate production was greatly affected as components couldn’t come in due to lockdown. At this stage, only part of the workers that live in the dormitories were able to continue to work on the production line. Other staff have to work from home.
  • Jingyin was forced to stop production as their workers were lockdown in nearby villages. Order fulfillment would be a problem before the Chinese New Year which will fall on Feb.1, 2022. If allowed to resume production, raw materials stock would not support long either.
  • Zhengtu just gave early leave to workers, concerning safety and health of its workers.
  • Only 6 ColorPro workers could resume working and raw materials couldn’t come in.
  • G&G showed its steadfastness and perseverance in confronting the challenges recently brought on by the Covid-19 to its headquarters in Zhuhai as well as branches in Xi’an, Henan and Tianjin.

New Updates: Lockdown Brings Challenges to Manufacturers

Considering the impacts on delivery, G&G made sound and wise delivery plans to ensure that its products can reach customers on time. In the meantime, it also makes sure its warehouses, staff, trucks and delivery are all safe.

Its customer services, pre-sales and after-sales, continue to track customer demands, and grasp the change of customer demand, aiming to ensure good user experience.

New Updates: Lockdown Brings Challenges to Manufacturers

Enginners are available to provide one-to-one guidance, helping customer solve problems.

G&G live stream continues to connect with consumers and its ecommerce continues to meet customer demands, providing stable supply, stable price and good services.

It seems that worker shortage, raw materials shortage and delivery difficulities are the three main challenges faced by most of the affected manufacturers. Hope the lockdown restriction will be cancelled soon.



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