Tanzhou and Parts of Zhuhai Placed under Lockdown

Tanzhou and Parts of Zhuhai Placed under Lockdown  

Tanzhou and Parts of Zhuhai Placed under Lockdown

Tanzhou and Parts of Zhuhai Placed under LockdownTwo districts of Zhuhai were placed under lockdown this morning following Tanzhou, where reported one nuclesic acid positive case yesterday.

Tanzhou is the prefecture-level city of Zhongshan across the river from Zhuhai, the world capital of printing consumables. Zhongshan has also become a base for many printing consumables factories, especially component factories.

So how will the lockdown impact the manufacturers in the two places? In response to some dealers concern over product supply and price, RT contacted some of the manufacturers.

Most of the manufacturers under the lockdown restriction expressed that no obvious impacts can be seen at this stage, except the cut off of deliveries.

  • Print-Rite told RT that its office staff in Tanzhou are now working from home. It won’t impact Print-Rite much as most of its factories have been completed production tasks before the arrival of the Chinese New Year which will fall on Feb.1 2022. Delivery fulfillment has also reached the end. They hope they can speed the delivery and send all the orders out before the Chinese New Year.
  • Dihan concerned that it would impact product prices if the lockdown extends to more than 10 days.
  • Apex had set up a team to supervise the company to deal with epidemic prevention and control.

Some industry people worry that the lockdown will affect component and raw materials supply. It will also affect product prices if dealers don’t have enough products in stock.

Both Zhuhai and Tanzhou government have been taking immediate actions to actively deploy epidemic prevention and control work.



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