G&G Continues to Grow Wide Range of Large-Format Inkjet Products

G&G Continues to Grow Wide Range of Large-Format Inkjet Products

G&G Continues to Grow Wide Range of Large-Format Inkjet Products

Following the growing demand for large-format printing, G&G has continued the expansion of its large-format inkjet product offerings since 2021. According to G&G, the range of its wide-format part numbers is expected to grow to 844 by the end of 2023. G&G claims it is confident to provide its customers with a range of comprehensive solutions applicable to all professional applications.

G&G Continues to Grow Wide Range of Large-Format Inkjet ProductsThrough continuous R&D and huge investment, G&G’s new addition to the large-format range of printers including Epson, HP, Canon, Mimaki and Roland is expected to be popular with the global market.

The boost to 844 by the end of 2023 is a 57% increase compared with the 539 products offered in 2021, according to G&G. The broader range is designed to suit the printing needs of those working in the professional fields of photography, engineering, textiles, and advertising.

G&G Continues to Grow Wide Range of Large-Format Inkjet Products

Specialized in developing Inks for large formats
“Researching, developing, testing and making inks for 23 years has given our team a high level of expertise in developing quality inks that customers want,” said Kevin Cai, Senior Ink R&D Engineer at G&G.

“Our inks for large format printer cartridges are made from carefully selected raw materials, certified to ISO14001 and 9001. They also comply with RoHS and Reach standards,” he added. “During ink production, the quality is finely controlled by 17 unique characteristics, four ink filtration and four verifying procedures.”

Innovative technology to support trusted quality
Powered by self-developed innovative technology, G&G has launched its professional large format solutions featuring patent-safe structures and designs, outstanding stability, perfect compatibility and effortless installation.

All wide format solutions adopt anti-clogging technology to keep the moisture on the print head and protect it from being clogged. This offers consumers a smooth printing experience while prolonging the life of the costly big machines at the same time.

G&G will continue to grow its large format inkjet range of products by launching new lines including its own patented and remanufactured versions. The comprehensive range has huge market potential and will help customers’ businesses thrive and stand out from the crowd.

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