Magnetic Ink That Can Heal Gadgets

Just like human skin, printed gadgets now can experience “self-healing” too—thanks to a magnetic ink developed by the engineering lab team at the University of California, San Diego.

According to, sensors printed with this ink magnetically attach to each other when a rip or tear occurs. Current research is focused on sensors that can be incorporated with fabrics. To ensure the “self-healing” effect, pulverized neodymium magnets are used and combined into the ink. These magnets can be typically found in refrigerators and hard drives. It is said that smart clothing of this kind can repair cuts up to three millimeters long in 50 milliseconds. To watch how it works, click here.

Hundreds of small devices can be created with just $10 worth of this magnetic ink in the future. To this end, many broken wearables or gadgets don’t have to end up in trash. They can be used again and again. The team is currently testing the best ink ratios for use in different gadget-printing applications.

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